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Laurie Rowan and Friends

We have just had a few amazing weeks over at Worthing's newest Brewery and Tap Room HandBrew Co

The brewery which has been operating over in Brighton for a few years are an independent brewing company with a brewpub in Brighton and brewery and taproom in Worthing, UK, they are known for creating high quality, accessible beers for every palate including ours.

Can't fault their Big Shaka - a double Pale on a hefty 8% but drinks well! Also another favorite is the co-lab with Cloak and Dagger - The Lobo a hazy 5.2% pale.

Our little cinema was based in side the brewery itself which was just great as it looked so good there!

We were chuffed to finally get The Bum in there too as we had been speaking with Jack and the team from Handbrew since summer 2020, lock-down pushed back ti build so it's great to see them finally open!

So with the Bum all good to go we just needed some content, I spoke to our good friend Laurie Rowan who is a brilliant Worthing based animator to see if he was up for putting his work in the and asking some of his friends to submit too, he said yes, so did his friends so we were all set to go!

Featuring work from some very talented people including some of our favorites AJ Jeffries, Raman Djafari and Will Anderson we had several show-reels in the Bum, probably some of the best grouped worked we have presented so far!

Here's a teaser of what was on, so if you are in Worthing and fancy some really good beer, served by great people head over there!

Cheers x

(oh ps watch his space for a Halloween special over at their pub in Kemptown - one of the smallest pubs in the city!).

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