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Fast Food Takeover!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Back at the beginning of 2019 when our little cinema was just getting going, we thought it would be a great idea to try and team up with some animation studios to give us and the visitors a varied experience and a good chance to focus on certain themed showreels.

We approached and few Brighton based Studios (as that's our local hangout) and the guys over at Lolly said they would love to work with us.

Leigh and Olly who started the studio have worked with huge organisations including Apple, BBC, Vevo and even created some fab labels for a much loved local Brewery Cloak and Dagger (one of my favourite beers come from this brewery) so you can imagine we were delighted when they said they would love to do something!

We already had an idea for a venue in Unbarred Taproom so it was primed to create a food and drink inspired project.

So "Fast Food" was born..

Offering the viewers some "Bite Sized" themed animations based around food and drink we just needed an image to get the word out there and that came too, this cute burger character was created by Lolly became the image we were looking for so we got to work looking for submissions and promoting the event.

In just a few weeks the respond was great, with the likes of Buck, Golden Wolf, Future Deluex, Ricard Badia, and many more up for submitting we ended up with a huge amount of great work. Here's a snippet of some of it below....

The night came for the launch and we were bowled over with the response, many came and we had a brilliant night (in fact one of the last before lockdown) and were so chuffed with everyone's feedback, it was just so great to see our little cinema as the main feature of a busy taproom!

We even had Big Egg Films come down to record and document the night! So to find out more about the project click on the video below!

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