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One Bum in Lockdown.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

When lockdown happened back in May we wanted to keep our new project going and with all the great content and good start the the year heading over to Neighbourhood Store, Found Shop and Studio, Unbarred (see our "Fast Food" post) and Films on the Gallery Wall we wanted to keep up the momentum.

After speaking with some friends about some ideas a few things started to happen. Rich over at Colonnade House a good friend and ideas guy suggested we could get together and do a live Q+A with him and a couple of our Animators who had submitted some work.

We knew immediately who we should talk to (our good friends who were the first to submit work to our project) so got in touch with Laurie Rowan

Laurie is an animator, illustrator and director represented by Nexus Studios

Based on the South Coast of England, throughout a studio-based and freelance career acting as creative lead on projects for clients such as the BBC, Channel 4, Disney and Google, Laurie’s work has achieved numerous accolades including a Children’s Bafta win and Lovie Award.

The other people we wanted there was Worthing based Persistent Peril, an animation and illustration studio that creates characters, short films, adverts and everything in-between.

Set up in 2011 by producer Sam Bourner and animation directors Ginny Jones and Garth Jones we had our line up. So we had our line up and were all set to go, luckily for my day-job running Komedia we had already been streaming some comedy content on-line so we were set up to livestream over you tube. It was pretty nerve racking but great fun, we had great engagement with people who tuned in, asking questions and loved the experience!

You can see the full thing via the link below.

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