See what our little cinema has been up to!

Artists Open Houses
We teamed up with Stanley Road Store last December to take part in Brighton Open Houses, a fab three weekends of shopping, food markets and our lovely cinema provided some light animation entertainment!
Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival
We took part at this year's PNFFF teaming up with London based animation studio Animade
Sundae Club
During lock-down we have been taking part part in an online family event, two hours of theatre, workshops, comedy, music and us of course!
Colonnade House Q+A!
Live Q+A with our friends Persistent Peril and Laurie Rowan - watch the whole thing on Colonnade's YouTube channel.
Unbarred Tap Room
Teaming up with the our friends over at Lolly Studio. Showing Bite Sized animations from a huge selection of great animators!
Found Shop and Studio
In February we hosted a series of short animations by the monthly featured artists Faye Morehouse.
Films On the Gallery Wall
Our first film festival!

A one day pop up event hosted by Colonnade House in Worthing.
Neighbourhood Store
We were hosting a a whole bunch of animations for a month in this lovely print and clothing store in Shoreham, our first adventure on the road since being built.
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