The cinema is the brainchild of artist Anna Vartiainen and brought to life by Paulie Musselwhite and Matthew Simkins. It began in an under stairs cupboard and is now on the road. Our little cinema aims to make you leave with a nice fuzzy feeling inside: the only rule is one butt at a time!  So, take your seat and enjoy a selection of hand picked animations from artists based around the world.

Find out a little more in the video below!

video courtesy of Colonnade House

Who's it for?

We like to feel that the cinema is suitable for all ages. Specialising in animated films allows us to explore a wide range of styles and content so there’s something for everyone! We aim to  champion the work of our animators, both emerging and established, by creating a platform to share their talents with a wider audience.

How does it work?

Our flexible structure is compatible to most spaces inside and out. We can build on site within two hours and take down within an hour. This makes it ideal for a variety of events, including pop ups, festivals. Galleries, shops, and pretty much any public space.

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